Navigating a Privacy Centric Ad Ecosystem with Rogers Sports & Media

June 18, 2021 / Latest News

Rapidly growing user understanding and expectations for privacy are forcing the advertising industry to push for innovation. Marketers, agencies, publishers and ad tech companies are shifting to find new ways to target and measure consumers in this changing ecosystem. Here at Rogers Sports & Media, we believe there are three rather big and evolving moves that will affect the industry in profound ways:

  1. Google Chrome, the most frequently used consumer browser, announced that they will be deprecating 3rd party cookie tracking by 2022. Many rely on 3rd party data for targeting and measurement across the open web.
  2. Apple, the market leader in smartphone device penetration introduced App Tracking Transparency in April 2021, which gives consumers explicit opt-in control over their data. This change is expected to severely limit access to the Identity for Advertisers (IDFA) which is used for cross device and in app campaign targeting and measurement.
  3. Amendments to the Canadian Privacy laws relating to data and privacy under proposed Bill C-11 are expected to tighten current regulation and possibly move toward a user opt-in framework similar the European Union with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These changes have already started or are on the horizon and new alternatives are popping up. We predict marketers will fall back to tried, tested and true methods of targeting and measurement and we will see a new level of flexibility and cooperation when it comes to testing new ad tech solutions.

Working with trusted partners during this transition will ensure marketers continue to access quality digital audiences at scale. Rogers Sports & Media is a market leader in data led Advanced Advertising Solutions and we are well positioned to support our partners during this transition.


Trusted, highly curated, Canadian first party audience targeting with Rogers Enable Data (R.E.D.)
Leverage predefined or custom built R.E.D. Audience segments for one-to-one and one-to-few targeting and measurement across RSM devices and screens from mobile phones to TVs. With R.E.D., marketers can have increased confidence in data led tactics that connect their brand messages to real Canadians.

CRM Identity Matching with the R.E.D. customer Identity
With 14 million unique identifiers for data matching via the R.E.D. CRM clean room marketers can reach their customers or potential new customers through individual or household targeting across screens and devices.

Premium Contextual Environments with Multiplatform Brands
RSM’s premium brand environments allow marketers to run adjacent to brand safe, professionally produced content including articles, videos, podcasts and more ensuring ad messages are seen by engaged Canadian audiences.

Advanced Television with Addressable TV and OTT/Connected TV
Skip the cookie targeted approach altogether and reach engaged Canadian households on the big screen with RSM’s Addressable TV and OTT/Connected TV capability. Big screen content includes movies, shows, live sports and more.

Persistent Location capabilities with Rogers Wireless Network across Canada
As a market leading wireless provider in Canada, Rogers offers the ability for marketers to leverage persistent location-based signals for targeting and measurement through the 5G Network across Canada.



Written by: Rose Hutchison, Director Advanced Advertising Solutions

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