Rogers Advertising Policy


Advertising is a key source of revenue for Rogers Media. It must be conducted in a way that does not negatively impact our media brands or the Rogers corporate brand.


This policy applies to all advertising opportunities offered by any subsidiary or division of Rogers Communications except for third-party owned properties represented by Rogers.

Advertising Sale Restrictions 

All advertising on Rogers’ properties must:

  • be legal  
  • follow applicable advertising laws and regulations, which may differ by province  
  • follow applicable industry codes

In addition, there are certain categories of advertising that are prohibited regardless if they comply with the above.

Prohibited Categories

  • Counterfeit products including luxury goods, passports and other identification, and degrees
  • Products intended to bypass or circumvent copyright protection including loaded android boxes and cable descrambling equipment or services, and illegal or unauthorized streaming services
  • Material that may be defamatory
  • Material that promotes discrimination or hate
  • Vaping

These category restrictions are not exhaustive or all-inclusive, and this policy is in addition to applicable laws and regulations.

Discretionary Categories 

There are also certain categories that require discretion and review prior to advertising, regardless if they comply with the above.

  • Religion, faith and other systems of belief 
  • Some adult products or services including escort agencies, pornography and strip clubs  
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives, including ads for weapon modification accessories
  • Substances that may be hazardous
  • Material that may be threatening, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, vulgar, repulsive or offensive
  • Material that advocates against any individual or group

Discretionary Category Ad Review

All advertising in this category (including ads determined by Rogers to follow under this category) must undergo the following process for review: representatives from Rogers Media Sales, Brand and Legal will meet to assess the advertising opportunity/creative and make a decision as to whether such advertising opportunity/creative will be accepted to run on Rogers’ platforms.  In the event the advertising opportunity/creative is declined, Rogers will provide high-level reasoning behind its decision.

Other Principles

Advertising must not include – or suggest – an endorsement by Rogers or any of its properties.  

Advertising must not negatively impact the reputation of Rogers or its properties or diminish the value of the Rogers’ brands.  

Rogers reserves the right under its standard media sales terms, to cancel all or any part of an advertiser’s ad campaign.  In addition, Rogers is authorized to reject any ad material in its absolute discretion.

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