July 29, 2021 / Community

Empowering WOMEN: Rogers Sports & Media’s All IN partner, Canadian Women & Sports, launches She’s Got It All

Girls and women have got it all, especially in sport. As part of the All IN program, Canadian Women & Sport are amplifying its She’s Got It All campaign across Rogers Sports & Media’s megaphone across Canada through free advertising and Creative Services.

Canadian Women & Sport aims to drive change towards building a more equitable and inclusive Canadian sport system by supporting and encouraging girls and women across Canada to continue participating in all areas of sports—as athletes, participants, leaders, officials, coaches and trainers. The She’s Got It All campaign highlights how Canadians can better understand and support female athletes’ needs and challenges while increasing representation for women in leadership roles across and within Canadian sport.

As restrictions begin to lift and sports programs look to return to play across the country, Canadian Women & Sport recently released a new study – COVID Alert: Pandemic Impact on Girls in Sport  examining the impact the pandemic had on sport participation for Canadian females. The study shows that 1 in 4 Canadian girls (aged 6-18) who participated in sport at least weekly prior to COVID-19 are not committed to returning to sport once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

While women and girls have what it takes to succeed in sport, including talent, drive, and determination, they still have to overcome barriers. So don’t let her quit–empower, encourage, and support her to get back in the game, and continue to remind her that She’s Got It All.

To help drive positive change to the game for girls and women across all sports and communities in Canada, head over to the Canadian Women & Sport FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.