November 15, 2022 / What's Happening

RSM Wins 18 Broadcast Dialogue Canadian Radio Awards

Launched in 2020, in a particularly challenging year for Canadian Radio, the Broadcast Dialogue Canadian Radio Awards recognize those both in front of the mic and behind-the-scenes, across 23 categories, from news to sales and programming. The most compelling and creative performances and initiatives are recognized, judged by a jury of past and present industry professionals.

Rogers Sports & Media is honoured to win awards in 18 categories, in addition to 21 runner up nominations, for our audio brands in communities across Canada, including Station of the Year in both the Major and Medium Market categories:

Station of the Year

  • Major Market Winner: KiSS 92.5/Toronto
  • Medium Market Winner: CHYM 96.7/Kitchener
  • Medium Market Runner Up: CHEZ 106/Ottawa

Program Director of the Year

  • Major Market Runner Up: Christian Hall (JACK/SONiC Vancouver)
  • Medium Market Runner Up: Jacquie Beckett (K-ROCK & Country 93.5 Kingston)

Music Director of the Year

  • Major Market Runner Up: Katie Stanners (KiSS 91.7/Edmonton)
  • Medium Market Winner: Wendy “Boomer” Bouwma (National Music Curator/Country)
  • Medium Market Winner: Morgan Prue (CHEZ 106/Ottawa)
  • Small Market Winner: Darren McPeake (Mountain FM/Whistler & Squamish)

Best On Air Solo Host (Music)

  • Major Market Runner Up: Daryn Jones (KiSS 92.5/Toronto)
  • Medium Market Winner: Adele Newton (CHYM 96.7/Kitchener)

Best On Air Team (Music)

  • Major Market Winner – The Pepper & Dylan Show (KiSS 91.7/Edmonton)
  • Major Market Runner Up – The Carly & Jay Show (SONiC Radio/Vancouver)
  • Medium Market Winner: The Biggs & Barr Show (CHEZ 106/Edmonton)
  • Medium Market Runner Up: Brady & Tara (CHYM 96.7)

Best On Air Host (News/Talk/Sport)

  • Medium Market Winner: Todd Veinotte (CityNews 95.7/Halifax)

Best On-Air Team (News/Talk/Sports)

  • Major Market Winner: CityNews 680 News Team (Toronto)
  • Medium Market Winner: CityNews 95.7 News Team (Halifax)

Best Anchor or Reporter

  • Major Market Runner Up: Richard Southern (CityNews 680/Toronto)

Best Canadian Multi-Market Program

  • Major Market Winner: A Day to Listen (All Radio)
  • Medium Market Winner: Adele & Ryan (various stations)
  • Medium Market Runner Up: The Brock & Dalby Show (Rock Ontario Regional)

Best On Air Promotion

  • Major Market Winner: Stunt Against the Machine (SONiC/Vancouver)
  • Major Market Runner Up: Secret Voices (98.1 CHFI/Toronto)
  • Medium Market Winner: 3825 Cancer (The Brock & Dalby Show/Rock Ontario Regional)
  • Medium Market Runner Up: Take My Tattoo (KiSS 105.3/Ottawa)

Best Commercial (Local)

  • Major Market Runner Up: Sonopan Drum Kit (Sportsnet 590 The Fan/Toronto)

Best Commercial (National)

  • Runner up: KFC Famous Deal (CHYM 96.7/Kitchener & JACK 102.3/London)

Best Imaging Voice

  • Major Market Runner Up: Ron Tarrant & Vanessa Marshall (SONiC Edmonton & Vancouver)
  • Major Marker Runner Up: Corri English & Derek Welsman (STAR 95.9/Calgary)
  • Major Market Runner Up: Jen Sweeney & Jonathan Hanst (JACK 96.9/Vancouver)

Best Imaging Production

  • Major Market Runner Up: Sportsnet 590 The Fan/Toronto
  • Medium Market Winner: Rogers Rock Brand

Best Use of Sound in Imaging, Commercial or Program

  • Major Market Runner Up: Michael Buble’s Christmas in Canada Special (98.1 CHFI/Toronto)
  • Medium Market Winner: Toys 22 Launch (CHEZ 106/Ottawa)

Best Community Service Initiative

  • Major Market Winner: Stand with Ukraine (98.1 CHFI/Toronto)
  • Medium Market Winner: 50/50 For the Snowsuit Fund (Rogers Radio/Ottawa)
  • Small Market Runner Up: Carmine Ricciuti Christmas Special (KiSS 100.5/North Bay)

Radio Connects Sound of Success Award

  • Major Market Runner Up: Rogers Sports & Media – Mary Browns
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