How Effective is Your Campaign at Driving Foot Traffic?

November 7, 2023 / What's Happening

RSM Study Shows More Ad Exposure Leads to More In-Store Visits

For a recent QSR campaign run on Rogers Sports & Media channels, we were confident that Brandsell would be effective at heightening brand awareness, but we wanted to see just how well those ads translated into foot traffic in-store.

Method:We analyzed anonymized cable viewership logs within our Ontario cable coverage area and compared them with the mobile movement data from our Rogers and Fido wireless devices. This allowed us to effectively quantify and describe viewers who were: a) exposed to a brand-sell advertisement, and b) later visited a restaurant location during the campaign.

Bottom line: By leveraging the power of R.E.D. we could figure out how many saw the campaign, then proceeded to visit a store, and break that group down into market segments for campaign attribution and audience insights.

Did it Work?

49% of Rogers Cable Subscribers saw the ad, or were “Ad Exposed”, and of those 43% later visited the restaurant.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, the study also revealed,

  • People who saw the ad 10 or more times, were nearly twice as more likely to visit than people who saw it less than 10 times; and
  • People who saw the ad at all were 53% more likely to make 5 or MORE visits, than people who weren’t ad exposed.

So not only were people who saw the ad on linear tv more likely to visit, they did so multiple times.  And repeated exposure just increased the likelihood of in-store foot traffic.

The Ad-Exposed

  1. Demographic: In this campaign those who saw the ad skewed male, millennial, and high HHI.
  2. Media Consumption: They were typically Prime-Time and Weekend linear viewers, with a preference for streaming Sports, Movies &TV, Music, Fashion & Beauty and Healthy Living.
  3. Mindset & Lifestyle: This group was most focused on quality, and value. They wanted to live a healthy and social lifestyle and participated in a variety of sports.

By harnessing the power of Rogers Enabled Data, advertisers with brick-and-mortar locations are able to measure multi-platform campaigns and quantify the impact of ad exposure and driving customers in store. And our clients could update their marketing mix to suit! That’s data in action.

Learn more about how effective your campaigns are, or how to create your own customized RSM Studies here.








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