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April 15, 2024 / What's Happening

In our recent webinar, “Full Stream Ahead: The Streaming ADvantage,” we delved into the who, why and how of Canadian streamers. Our panel of industry experts unpacked the latest trends in streaming behaviour, providing invaluable information to marketers and agencies.

Dive deeper into these trends and better plan your campaigns:

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Trend 1 – Live Sports Fans are Loyal and Engaged Streamers 

At Rogers Sports & Media, we’re hitting it out of the park with our Live Sports streaming solution, reaching 7 million Canadians every month. We’re proud to say that upwards of 70% of our Sports audiences are exclusive streamers, fans you can’t catch on traditional TV. Our star player, Sportsnet+, is Canada’s #1 sports streaming service, connecting with 6.7 million monthly viewers and boasting 30% year-over-year growth. We had a record-breaking moment during the 2024 NHL Playoffs when Game 7 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins drew 1.1 million viewers in one epic night. Plus, MLB.tv is stepping up to the plate with 500,000 monthly viewers and a 23% increase in viewership. At Rogers Sports & Media, we’re in a league of our own, delivering the sports action Canadians want.

Trend 2 – Ad Supported streaming: Ads add value for consumers 

At Rogers Sports & Media, our Ad Supported Streaming TV solution is a game-changer, reaching 18 million Canadians every month. We’re proud to deliver upwards of 70% of our audience as exclusive streamers, impossible to reach on traditional TV. RSM is the home of Canada’s favourite streaming services, including Sportsnet+ and Citytv+. We are also the only place in Canada for advertisers to directly access top global streaming brands such as Disney+ and Tubi. When it comes to ad receptivity, RSM outperforms the market by 25% when it comes to our audiences taking action after viewing ads in streaming. At Rogers Sports & Media, you’ll reach an audience that is engaged in the best content in the game and notably receptive to our ad experience. 

Trend 3 – Shared Streaming Experiences: The Co-View Factor 

At Rogers Sports & Media, our audiences don’t just watch—they share the experience. Co-viewing is a significant part of our streaming culture, with 91% tuning in on the big screen and 75% co-viewing with family and friends. This communal viewing experience has grown steadily, with our news and entertainment streaming co-viewing increasing by 17% year over year. For marketers, this means more eyes on your campaigns. When you advertise with Rogers Sports & Media, you’re not just reaching one viewer—you’re reaching entire groups.  

At Rogers Sports & Media, we’re not just keeping up with the latest trends; we’re setting them. Our live sports streaming solution, innovative ad-supported streaming network and the power of shared streaming experiences, is transforming how Canadians engage with their favourite content. By reaching exclusive and highly engaged audiences, we’re offering unparalleled opportunities for advertisers to connect with viewers in meaningful ways. 

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