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Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are deeply committed to building a diverse, safe, and trusting workplace that allows all employees to bring their most authentic selves to work every day.

There is a strong connection between the culture we create and the results we deliver.

We have built an inclusive, engaged, and collaborative team, who are world class in both the “what” and the “how”, and continually strive to deliver the best for Canadians across the country.

Colette Watson

President,   Rogers Sports & Media

Ben Colabrese

SVP,  Finance

Al Dark

Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Goldsmith

Senior Director, HR

Hayden Mindell

VP, Programming & Acquisition, Rogers Sports & Media

Jason Harding

VP, Creative

Pierre Fortin

VP, Media Technology & Innovation

Sarah Grossman

Head of Communications

Judy Naiberg

VP,  Legal

Susan Wheeler

VP,  Regulatory & B2B Distribution

Greg Sansone

SVP, Sportsnet

Paul Kaye

VP, Music Brands and In-House Productions, Rogers Sports & Media