Monthly Viewers Reached


Growth versus last year


of the audience are Millennials

Some say we’re outlaws of the mainstream. Others call us defiers of convention.

But at FX, we simply consider ourselves born originals—purveyors of premium content for the 1.7-million viewers we reach in an average week, and curators of subject matter hailed as gritty, irreverent and authentic.

FX believes in taking risks and has never shied away from ‘going there’ with content available on fxnowcanada.ca, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet and the Apple TV app.

We specialize in cutting-edge television, from critically acclaimed dramas and hit comedies to blockbuster movies and some of the longest marathons in the medium’s history.

Our formula for success? Complex stories that, true to the human condition, push the envelope and extend the limits of what is possible.


Averages 1.7M viewers per week

Majority of audience is adults aged 25-54

Available on fxnowcanada.ca, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet and the Apple TV app



10-part, 60-minute scripted drama series

Flashing forward in time to 1990, on the heels of the ballroom community establishing itself in pop culture and going mainstream, the House of Evangelista is forced to reevaluate their goals. Meanwhile, the AIDS crisis worsens and the reaction from a group of activists reaches a fever pitch. The series stars an ensemble cast, including MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Billy Porter, and Indya Moore.


10-part, 30-minute scripted comedy series

Big changes are underway for the Baskets family. After 49 years, Chip (Zach Galifianakis) decides it’s finally time to move out of his mom’s place. But even with the help of Martha (Martha Kelly) and a life coach, he learns leaving the nest is hard, to say the least. Christine (Louie Anderson) and Ken (Alex Morris) move into a new place they can call their own, but carpet emergencies and missing kitchen magnets make the transition rockier than expected. And Dale (also played by Galifianakis) has found kindred spirits with his fellow inhabitants at the RV Park.


Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT

8-part, 60-minute scripted drama series

In the third and final installment of the mind-bending drama from masterful storyteller Noah Hawley, Legion sees David Haller (Dan Stevens) return for the final battle against the malicious parasite that has haunted him all his life, Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban). Now at odds with everyone he once considered a friend, David enlists the help of a young mutant named “Switch” (Lauren Tsai) whose secret ability is key to repairing the damage he caused.


10-part, 60-minute scripted drama series

It’s summer of 1984 and crack cocaine is spreading like wildfire through Los Angeles, continuing its path of destruction and changing the culture forever. Police are waking up to its growing epidemic and Sergeant Andre Wright (Marcus Henderson) has set his sights on budding Kingpin and next door neighbour Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) and his people. While local law enforcement fights to stem the tide, Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) and the CIA are working hard to make sure the flow of cocaine into LA doesn’t stop. As the stakes and losses continue to mount, all are forced to reflect on their own motivations and the destructive force they have set in motion.

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