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At Today’s Parent, we know parenting is the best, strangest and hardest job you’ve ever had, because we’ve done it too. We believe that support and understanding leads to better parenting, so we offer well-researched, doable advice from a variety of expert sources so you can make the decision that’s right for your family. We make a special commitment to new moms and dads, because we know the transition to parenthood is life-changing (and sometimes overwhelming).

We provide the latest health news, discipline ideas, developmental information, easy family recipes, cool DIYs and best product picks on every platform and device parents use. We know you only have a few minutes—and are likely sleep-deprived—so we keep our content conversational and to the point. We try to make you laugh now and then, because humour makes it all so much easier. As the biggest parenting brand in Canada, serving parents for more than 30 years, we lead the discussion about whatever’s trending in your world, and connect with our readers constantly.

Our trusted, compelling content translates into a growing readership. With circulation approaching 90,000, Today’s Parent, now published six times per year, boasts an audience of 1,304,000—including more than 400,000 within the GTA. Additionally, our robust digital platforms (an award-winning website, tablet edition, and apps) help us reach our consumers wherever, whenever and however they want.

We’re Today’s Parent, and we’re right there with you.


#1 Magazine Brand to target Female Head of Households with Children under 18 in their Household

Today’s Parent reaches 1 in 5 English women 18+ with children under 18 in their household!

#1 Magazine to target Women that are the head of their household with children under 18 years old:

  • Women Head of Household with Children Under 18
  • Spend $250+ on average week in grocery shopping
  • Spent $500+ on children’s clothing/shoes in past year
  • Expecting moms

#1 Magazine brand to target women accessing social media on their mobile devices!

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